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Our thanks to

Alexander von Halem — Hell's Kichen

Many thanks go to Alexander von Halem for allowing us to use his image of a guesthouse kitchen in a little alley called “Hell” in Bamberg, Germany in our branding under the Creative Commons licence.

His photograph appears on the header of this website and on our business cards. We think this kitchen looks full of character, and conveniently it's nice and bright, fitting in with the rest of our branding. Here is the original photo from Alexander's Flickr account:

Thank you Alexander!

Tim Atton —

Thank you also to Tim Atton for his online guide to Wombourne, the village in which we are based.

While we are grateful to for listing us, we also think it's doing some great work for our quite sizeable village.

Thank you Tim!

The good folk at CSS Sticky Footer

For the invaluable advice in helping us create what should be a very simple web design element. Hopefully when this site is fully rewritten in HTML5, the footer will be an easier endeavour.